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Facts at your Fingertips: Health, 2011 (cat no. 4841.0)
Facts on Disability in New South Wales, 1995 (cat no. 4198.1)
Falls Risk Factors for Persons Aged 65 Years and Over, 1995, October 1995 (cat no. 4393.1)
Family and Community Connections, May 2009 (cat no. 4918.0)
Family Characteristics and Transitions, Australia, 2012-13 (cat no. 4442.0)
Farm Management and Climate, 2006-07 (cat no. 4625.0)
Federal Defendants, Australia, 2016-17 (cat no. 4515.0)
Film, Television and Digital Games, Australia, 2015-16 (cat no. 8679.0)
Finance Australia in Brief, 2000 (cat no. 5611.0.00.001)
Finance Estimates of Commonwealth Public Trading Enterprises, Australia, 1996-97 (cat no. 5515.0)
Finance, Australia, 2000-01 (cat no. 5611.0)
Firearms Deaths, Australia, 1980 to 1995 (cat no. 4397.0)
First Home Buyers, Australia, 1988 to 1990 (cat no. 4137.0)
Fish Account, Australia, 1997 (cat no. 4607.0)
Flexible Working Arrangements in Queensland, Oct 2010 (cat no. 6342.0.80.002)
Focus on Families - A Statistical Series: Education and Employment, 1994 (cat no. 4421.0)
Focus on Families - A Statistical Series: Income and Housing, 1995 (cat no. 4424.0)
Focus on Families - A Statistical Series: Work and Family Responsibilities, 1994 (cat no. 4422.0)
Focus on Families: Caring in Families: Support for Persons who are Older or have Disabilities, 1993 (cat no. 4423.0)
Focus on Families: Demographics and Family Formation, 1994 (cat no. 4420.0)
Focus on Families: Family Life, 1992-93 (cat no. 4425.0)
Food Safety, Tasmania, October 1996 (cat no. 4344.6)
Footy Stats, Oct 2013 (cat no. 1408.0.55.001)
Foreign Currency Exposure, Australia, March Quarter 2017 (cat no. 5308.0)
Foreign Ownership of Australian Exporters and Importers, 2002-03 (cat no. 5496.0.55.001)
Forms of Employment, Australia, November 2013 (cat no. 6359.0)
Foundation for a National Data Collection and Reporting Framework for family, domestic and sexual violence, 2014 (cat no. 4529.0.00.003)
Framework for Australian Tourism Statistics, 2003 (cat no. 9502.0.55.001)
Framework for Measuring Wellbeing: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, 2010 (cat no. 4703.0)
Freight Movements, Australia, Summary, Mar 2001 (Reissue) (cat no. 9220.0)
Fruit, Queensland, 1992-93 (cat no. 7322.3)
Functional Classification of Buildings, 1999 (Revision 2011) (cat no. 1268.0.55.001)
Future Treatment of Telstra in ABS Statistics, 2007 (cat no. 8102.0)