Directories Classifications and Manuals by Title

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Illicit Drug Use, Sources of Australian Data, 2001 (cat no. 4808.0)
Indigenous Status Standard , 2014, Version 1.5 (cat no. 1200.0.55.008)
Information Paper - Proposed classification changes from 1 January 2007 to statistical codes of the Australian Harmonized Export Commodity Classification and the Harmonized System tariff, 2006 (cat no. 5368.0.55.007)
Information Paper: ABS Classification of Qualifications (ABSCQ), 1992 (cat no. 1263.0)
Information Paper: An Analytical Framework for Price Indexes in Australia, 1997 (cat no. 6421.0)
Information Paper: ANZSCO -- Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, First Edition, Revision 1, 2009 (cat no. 1221.0)
Information Paper: Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED), 2000 (cat no. 1271.0)
Information Paper: Draft Mesh Blocks, Australia (Reissue), 2005 (cat no. 1209.0.55.001)
Information Paper: International Merchandise Trade Statistics Revision of Commodity Classifications, 1996 (cat no. 5488.0)
Information Paper: International Trade Classification Feasibility Studies, 2001 (cat no. 5499.0.55.001)
Information Paper: Mesh Blocks, 2003 (cat no. 1209.0)
Information Paper: Outcome from The Review of the Australian Standard Geographical Classification, 2008 (cat no. 1216.0.55.002)
Information Paper: Survey of Motor Vehicle Use Fitness for Purpose Review, Jan 2005 (cat no. 9208.0.55.003)
Information Paper: Victorian Local Government Amalgamations 1994-95 : Changes to the Australian Standard Geographical Classification, 1994-95 (cat no. 1257.0)
International Merchandise Trade, Australia: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2015 (cat no. 5489.0)