Directories Classifications and Manuals by Title

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Demographic Estimates and Projections: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 1999 (cat no. 3228.0)
Demographic Variables, 1999 (cat no. 1285.0)
Detailed Classification and the Index of Primary Activities of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), 1993 (cat no. 1292.0.15.003)
Directory of Agricultural and Rural Statistics, 2001 (cat no. 1142.0)
Directory of Agricultural Statistics, 1998 (cat no. 7217.0)
Directory of Census Statistics, 2001 (cat no. 2910.0)
Directory of Child and Family Statistics, 2000 (cat no. 4158.0)
Directory of Culture and Leisure Statistics, 2002 (cat no. 1143.0.55.001)
Directory of Electricity, Gas, Water and Sewerage Statistics, 2001 (cat no. 1140.0)
Directory of Energy Statistics, 2000 (cat no. 1107.0.55.001)
Directory of Family, Domestic, and Sexual Violence Statistics, 2018 (cat no. 4533.0)
Directory of Housing Related Statistics, 1991 (cat no. 1118.0)
Directory of Industrial Relations Statistics, Jul 1996 (cat no. 1134.0)
Directory of Mining Statistics, 1999 (cat no. 8416.0)
Directory of Mining Statistics, 2002 (cat no. 1144.0)
Directory of Non-ABS Sources for Knowledge-Based Economy/Society (KBE/S) Indicators, 2002 (cat no. 1377.0.55.001)
Directory of Service Industries Statistics, 2002 (cat no. 1146.0)
Directory of Superannuation Related Statistics, 1997 (cat no. 1131.0)
Directory of Tourism Statistics, 2000 (cat no. 1130.0)
Directory of Transport Statistics, 2000 (cat no. 1132.0)
Disability Variables, 2006 (cat no. 1200.0.55.001)
Discussion Paper: ABS Implementation in January 2007 of Revisions to International Trade Classifications, 2007 (cat no. 5368.0.55.005)