Help: Using the tabs on the Statistics Product pages


An ABS product is arranged in a series of tabbed pages. Each tab contains components of the product or information to help you better understand the product and use it to suit your requirements.

Graphic: Example of a tabbed product page
Figure 1: Example of an ABS tabbed product page

Summary Tab

The Summary tab is the default entry page for each product. It provides a broad overview of the product. It may include a Media Release or Main Features. In some products, a Contents page and a list of Feature Articles may also be included. Main Features is a summary of the main findings of the publication, including key figures, tables and graphs.

Graphic: Example of the Summary tab
Figure 2: Summary tab for an ABS product

Downloads Tab

The Downloads tab provides links to various detailed components of the product. These are grouped together into categories (e.g. publications, tables, time series spreadsheets, data cubes). All product components can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the file format icon. An 'order' link will be available where a publication is available to purchase. Links to information relating specific product components appear beside the component as an I-Note icon.

Graphic: Example of the Downloads tab
Figure 3: Downloads tab for an ABS product

Explanatory Notes Tab

The Explanatory Notes tab brings together information to help you better understand and make best use of the product. This tab may include general, explanatory and technical notes, list of abbreviations used, glossary and information on the data source.

Graphic: Example of the Explanatory Notes tab
Figure 4: Explanatory Notes tab for an ABS product

Related Information Tab

The Related Information tab lists other related ABS products. Its purpose is to identify similar products that could meet your requirements. For some products, including Census data, this tab can be used to find information for other regions.

Graphic: Example of the Related Information tab
Figure 5: Related Information tab for an ABS product

Past & Future Releases Tab

You will find details of the first release of this ABS product, along with other past releases of the product, under the Past and Future Releases tab. This tab provides access to other available releases of the product and details of when future releases will be published.

Graphic: Example of the Past and Future Releases tab
Figure 6: Past and Future Releases tab for an ABS product