1131.0 - Directory of Superannuation Related Statistics, 1997  
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Contents >> Contributor Index >> Australian Bureau of Statistics >> Household Income & Expenditure Survey (1993-94): Detailed Expenditure Items (Cat. No. 6535.0)

Household Income & Expenditure Survey (1993-94): Detailed Expenditure Items (cat. no. 6535.0)

Name of Organisation
Australian Bureau of Statistics
PO Box 10
Switchboard: (02) 6252 5000
Facsimile: (02) 6252 6870
Web Site: www.abs.gov.au
Email: client.services@abs.gov.au

Products and Services
Name/Title of Product
1993-94 Household Expenditure Survey, Australia, Detailed Expenditure Items (cat. no. 6535.0)
Publication $18.50 per issue and floppy disk $18.50 each.

About these statistics
Mr Allan Etheredge
Assistant Director
Household Income and Expenditure Section
Telephone: (02) 6252 7031
To purchase these statistics
Please refer to Part C - ABS Services of this Directory.

Broad Description
Household expenditure data at the finest level of detail.

Purpose of Data
Data are collected as part of the Household Expenditure Survey (HES), which provides data to update the weighting pattern of the CPI, and to provide data for research and planning purposes. For example, HES data can be used to analyse distributional characteristics of expenditure and data can be generated relating to consumer behaviour.

Detailed Description
Households are private dwellings and caravan parks. Hotels, boarding houses, institutions, etc. are regarded as special dwellings outside the scope of the survey.
Superannuation Data Items
Average weekly household expenditure ($) on superannuation and annuities by gross income quintile.
Average expenditure for only those households recording such expenditure is also available on request, as unpublished information.

Collected by the ABS as part of the Household Expenditure survey.

Method of Collection
The Household Expenditure Survey covers approximately 8,400 households throughout Australia. Trained interviewers collect information on expenditure items which occur infrequently and details of income from all household members aged 15 and over. In addition, household members aged 15 and over record all payments made during a two week period in a diary provided to each of them. Consequently, each household is involved in the survey for 2 weeks, although the sample of households is spread evenly over the twelve month survey period.


About 18 months after the reference period.

Historical Data
Housing Expenditure Surveys were previously conducted in 1974-75, 1975-76, 1984 and 1988-89.

Geographic Breakdown
Australia, State, capital cities and certain other geographic areas.

Confidentiality and Availability
Data are subject to confidentiality restrictions under the Census and Statistics Act 1905, which requires that information not be released in a manner that is likely to enable identification of a particular person or organisation.
In addition, the amount of detail which can be made available for a specific geographic area will depend on the level of standard error that is considered acceptable for the use to which the data will be put.

Unpublished Information
Non-publication data releases are primarily confidentialised unit record data (on magnetic tape or floppy disk), special order tables (in hardcopy or machine readable form) for specific purpose data release ( i.e. ABS processes unit record data for you). Prices for these services are available on request.

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