1406.0.55.002 - User Manual: ABS Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL), Mar 2006  
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Contents >> Submitting a request in the RADL >> Checking submitted jobs and output


To check the status of a previously submitted job, select one of the 'View requests by' links from the navigator on the RADL home page. Submitted jobs can be viewed by Status, Date, Job name or by CURF. If the submitted job is not listed on the screen, press the Refresh button on the browser to update the screen. It may take a few minutes for a new job to be displayed.

The first link displayed is a copy of the request that was originally submitted and contains the job name given to the request. This file contains the original code that was included in the request.

Results: The second link entitled ‘Results’ contains the output and log files generated from the request. All the results documents have been zipped into one file entitled results#.zip that can either open or save depending on the settings of the software used. If the job has successfully completed the results#.zip may contain:

  • output#.txt: this output has low confidentiality risk and is considered safe for sharing or publishing. By opening the output#.txt users can view the output from the job including statistical procedures and listings of temporary datasets that do not contain unit record data.
  • keep_secure#.txt: this contains output too detailed for general release. This output must not be shown to anyone who does not have access to the CURF and the results cannot be published without permission from the ABS. By opening the keep_secure#.txt (if present), users can view output from their SAS, SPSS and Stata jobs which contains too much detail for general release. The amount of such data that may be returned is small. If users try to output more than a predefined maximum amount of data this step will not be executed, although the rest of the job will still run. For further information see the Rules and restrictions for use section of this manual.
  • log#.txt: this file contains a detailed record of how your job was run. This file may include RADL messages about output that has been withheld or denied. It may also contain details about errors if the job did not run successfully. If all the output was withheld, only the log file will be produced. The log file users receive back from the ABS has been processed by the RADL system. This may limit information available for debugging of code (if it did not run as expected). The ABS has provided a list of frequently asked questions, sample code and introductory sessions in SAS, SPSS and Stata which may also help users to debug code.
  • File ManagementLog#.txt: file management output is titled file managementLog#.txt. For more information see the File management chapter of this manual.
Validation: To assist users to validate their results the ABS provides frequency and weighting reports specific to each CURF. These are available in the 'CURF reference documentation' link in the navigator of the RADL and have been made available for CURFs released after September 2003.

Withheld output: If the log file or output files indicate that data was withheld for any reason it is possible to request that output be released. To request the release of withheld output, select the link 'Request Withheld Output' in the results screen. Further information is contained in the Requesting withheld output if the status of your RADL job is “On Hold” section of this manual.

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