CDATA96 - Add-on Datapaks

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    CDATA96 Add-on Datapaks

    The ABS no longer sells the CDATA96 products. Please go to 1996 Census Data to obtain free 1996 Census data.

    CDATA96 is a desktop software package which uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to map 2001 Census data. It was developed jointly by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and MapInfo Australia.

    As the ABS will no longer conduct compliance testing, users will need to confirm with MapInfo Australia that the CDATA 2001 product works with later versions of the MapInfo Version 4.1.2 software. Therefore support is limited to the following:
    • supply of unlock\registration codes, and
    • the replacement of lost CDATA96 CD-ROMs.

    If you require support for the above two reasons, please send an email to Please include the barcode number of your CDATA96 product in the email.