6210.5 - Workforce Participation and Workplace Flexibility, Western Australia, October 2010 Quality Declaration 
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 25/05/2011  First Issue
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In addition to the statistics provided in this publication, the ABS can produce customised tabulations on request. Subject to confidentiality and sampling variability constraints, tabulations can be produced from the survey by cross-classifying any of the following data items for the relevant survey populations.


Place of usual residence

Perth metropolitan area

Balance of WA






18-24 years

25-34 years

45-54 years

55-64 years

65 years or more


Whether there are children in household aged 0-4 years

Age of youngest child in household

      0-4 years
      5-9 years
      10-14 years
      No child under 15 years

Dependent children
      Children aged 0-4 years in household
      Children aged 5-9 years in household
      Children aged 10-14 years in household
      Children aged 0-14 years in household
      Children 0-14 years and full-time students aged 15-24 years
      With children (at least one household resident aged 0-14 years)
      Without children (no household resident aged 0-14 years)
      Full-time students aged 15-24 years

Household type

Person living alone

Couple only

Couple with dependent children only

Lone parent with dependent children only

Other household types

Labour Force status


Not in the Labour Force
      On long term unpaid leave
      Not on long term unpaid leave

Persons Not in the Labour Force excluding those on unpaid long term leave

Duration since last worked for pay for more than two weeks
      Never worked for more than two weeks
      Less than one year
      One year to less than five years
      Five years to less than ten years
      Ten years to less than twenty years
      Twenty years or more

Main reason stopped working in last job
      Employment reasons
      Employee retrenched/redundant, etc.
      Job was temporary or seasonal, holiday job
      Unsatisfactory work arrangements/pay/hours
      Own business closed down for economic reasons
      Own business closed down or sold for other reasons
      Personal reasons
      Retired/didn’t want to work any longer
      Pregnancy/to have children
      Own long-term health condition or disability
      To look after family, house or someone else
      Have holiday/moved house/spouse transferred
      Returned to studies
      Other reason
      Don't know

Main reason not looking for work
      Personal reasons
      Retired/didn't want to work any longer
      Own ill health or physical disability/injury/pregnancy or to have children
      To look after family, house or someone else
      Does not need to work
      Childcare access (availability and cost)
      Family reasons
      Other family considerations
      Don't know

Whether want to return to/start work

Condition/s to be in place so as to promote a return to workforce
      Part time work
      Job sharing
      Working from home
      Flexible start and finish times
      Child care facilities available near or in the workplace,
      Workplace close to home
      None required

Employees, and persons on long term unpaid leave - Characteristics

Length of employment in current job
      Less than one year
      One year to less than five years
      Five years to less than ten years
      Ten years to less than twenty years
      Twenty years or more

Sector of employment
      Don't know

Occupation at October 2010
      Technicians and Trades workers
      Community and Personal Service workers
      Clerical and Administrative workers
      Sales workers
      Machinery Operators and Drivers
      Not known

Industry of employment at October 2010
      Agriculture, forestry and fishing
      Electricity, gas, water and waste services
      Wholesale trade
      Retail trade
      Accommodation and Food services
      Transport, Postal and Warehousing
      Information Media and Telecommunications
      Financial and insurance Services
      Rental, Hiring and Real Estate services
      Professional, Scientific and Technical services
      Public Administration and Safety
      Education and Training
      Health Care and Social Assistance
      Arts and recreation services
      Other services
      Not known

Number of employees at place of employment
      Less than 20
      20 or more

Employee status of employment
      With paid leave entitlements
      Without paid leave entitlements

Employees only - Work preferences

Whether want to reduce working hours

Main reason for wanting to reduce working hours
      Employment reasons
      Current job regularly involves long hours
      Work less unpaid overtime
      Other employment reasons

Personal reason
      Own ill health/injury/disability
      Only wants/needs limited income
      Study purposes
      Social reasons/recreational activities/free time
      Other personal reasons

Family reason
      Caring for children
      Unable to find suitable childcare
      Caring for ill/disabled/elderly person
      Home duties
      Other family reasons

      Other reasons
      Don't know

Barriers to reducing work hours
      Can't afford reduction in pay
      Current employer doesn't allow it
      Too much work
      No other work available
      Concern about jeopardizing career
      Don't know

Employees, and persons on long term unpaid leave - Work life balance

Employee's view of work/life balance
      Always balanced
      Sometimes balanced
      Rarely balanced
      Never balanced
      Don't know

Employees, and persons on long term unpaid leave - Requests for workplace flexibility

Whether request for changes in work arrangements were made within the last 12 months
      Don't know

Changes in work arrangements requested
      Reduced hours for a limited period
      To work part time
      To work flexi time
      To work from home on a regular basis
      Purchased annual leave
      More work/more hours
      Leave without pay
      More money
      Change work days
      Flexibility to care for sick parent /child etc.
      Don't know

Main reason for making the most recent request
      To spend more time with family
      Childcare needs
      Family care needs
      Illness/self or family
      To study/go to university
      Nature of job
      Better access to shops/banks etc
      Don't know

Whether most recent request was approved
      Don't know
      Still waiting decision

Main reason most recent request refused
      Not enough staff to cover absence
      Business too busy
      Job role doesn't allow for flexibility
      No reason was given
      Don't know

Main reason no requests for changes to work arrangements made in last 12 months
      Content with arrangements
      Job not suitable/doesn't allow
      Too much work/too busy
      Not sure employer will allow
      Concerned with job security
      Recently started the job
      Financial reasons/pay concerns
      Not a flexible workplace
      Don't know

Equivalised annual household income

Less than $25,000

Less than $50,000

Less than $70,000

Less than $110,000

$110,000 or more

Don't know

See Explanatory Notes for further information about equivalised annual household income


For further information about additional data available on request, please contact Judy Griffin on Perth (08) 9360 5935.