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Navigating and searching the ABS website
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Site Map

A map of the ABS website can be found in Site Map.


If you need some help finding your way around the ABS website, or you want to learn about some different ways of searching the website, then please read 'Navigating and Searching the ABS Website'.


Graphic: Example of the main navigational elements on the ABS home page
Figure 1: The main navigation elements (example home page only).

1. Links to Corporate Information

The links in the top right hand corner of the ABS banner contain information about the ABS including; Survey Participant Information, About Us, Careers, Help, Contact Us
and Rate the ABS Website.

2. Header Navigation Menu

You will find links to Home, First Visit?, Statistics, Services, Census, Themes, Methods & Standards, News & Media, Education, and Links to other statistical resources.

3. Search

Use the Google Search box to find the information you need from the wide range of material available on the ABS website. The ABS has customised access to
Google's search engine. The ABS has chosen Google to search its website because: it is a leader in the website search industry; relevant search results are returned; and the licensing agreement allows use of the search engine without displaying sponsored links/advertising materials.

4. Left Hand Side Navigation Menu

Shortcuts to key groups of products and services in the ABS range, including all Statistics, National and Regional Statistics, Key Products, Themes and International Statistics.

5. Right Hand Side Links

Links to featured products and web pages. These links change depending on current issues at the ABS.

6. Latest National Statistical Headlines, Product Releases and Media Release Information

The centre of the page features the Latest National Statistical Headlines for key ABS products, including statistics on employment, National Accounts, the Consumer Price Index and Australia's current population.

7. Latest Product Releases
The middle of the Home Page lists the most recently released statistical products. All new and updated ABS products are released each day after 11.30 am (AEST).

Notification Services
The area below the Latest Product Releases contains links to services designed to help you stay current with new and upcoming statistical releases;

Release Calendars: Lists past and future ABS product releases

Email Notification service: Receive an email when a particular product is released

RSS Feed: Get the latest statistical headlines in real time

Graphic: Links to Release Calendars, Email Notification service and RSS feeds

Media Releases

Any media release published on that day appears under the Notification Services links.

Graphic: Links to latest Media Releases

Website Updates

The base of the Home page includes shortcuts to Media Releases, Main Economic Indicators and a list of updates made to the ABS web site made for the past month.

Graphic: Links to Website Updates

Footer Navigation Menu

The footer section appears on every page on the ABS website. It includes the set of links in the Header Navigation menu as well as links to Privacy, Disclaimer, Copyright, and Feedback. The Bookmark icon allows you to add the current page to your browser Favourites or a number of social bookmarking sites.

Graphic: Footer navigation menu


These pages provide you with links to related information on particular topic. The links in the left-hand navigation take you to other important associated information.

Graphic: Menu and entry to the Services part of the ABS web site

These pages contain statistical products from the ABS. Information on using the Statistics Pages can be found in the help pages Navigate to Statistics and Use the Statistics Product Pages.