NRP Video Segment 1: Introduction to the NRP - Text Transcript 2002-2006

Welcome to the fourth edition of the National Regional Profile produced by the Rural and Regional Statistics National Centre of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This screen show is split into four segments and is designed to assist users in navigating their way through the product as well as to highlight the new features.

The first segment is an introduction to the product and the new Welcome Page.

The National Regional Profile presents a range of data including business counts, unemployment, motor vehicle sales and census and taxation data.

Data are available for Local Government Areas, Statistical Local Areas and other larger geographies.

Data are presented as a five year time series from 2002 to 2006 and are available in Summary Web Pages, Excel Spreadsheets, and SuperTABLE data cubes.
The Summary Web Pages provide a brief snapshot of data for a region while the excel spreadsheets and superTABLE data cubes provide expanded and more detailed breakdowns of many of the data series.

Accessing the National Regional Profile

If you are watching this screen show without having previously viewed the National Regional Profile you can access the product from the home page of the Australia Bureau of Statistics website at

From the left menu bar select the menu item 'National Regional Profile' located under the 'Regional Statistics' heading.

This will take you to the new Welcome Page for the product.

There are two ways of accessing information from the Welcome Page - via the main links or from the left menu bar.

Many of the menu items are common to both.

The 'Select a Local Government Area' and 'Select a Statistical Local Area' links on the Welcome Page and the left menu bar allow you to access the data for the region of your choice.

You can search for your region from either a list of region names or from a series of maps.

Users can compare data for a number of regions by accessing the superTABLE data cubes available via the compare regions links.

The data availability links provide detailed information about all of the data items that are available in the product.

'About the regions in the NRP' describes the types of regions for which profiles are available.

You can access this screen show from either the main link on the Welcome Page or from the left menu bar.

There are additional help pages and a feedback page that can only be accessed from the left menu bar.

As you navigate through the product the left menu bar will remain available to you. This will allow you to move between the various components of the product or at any time progress to view the data.

That brings us to the end of segment 1 of the National Regional Profile screen show.

Please view the additional 3 segments in this series for detailed information on: How to access data for an individual region, How to access data across a number of regions with superTABLE data cubes, and Accessing the help pages and what data series are available for the product?

If you have any questions that haven't been answered by the screen show or the help pages provided in the product please contact us via email at