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2001 Queensland Year Book (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 1301.3)
2004 Year Book Australia Speech by Professor Sandra Harding (Media Release), 2004 (cat no. 1301.0)
2006 Year Book Australia released today (Media Release), 2006 (cat no. 1301.0)
A Unique Look at Australia: Today and During the Last Century (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
ABS 2005 Year Book launched today (Media Release), 2005 (cat no. 1301.0)
ABS 2005 Year Book to be launched this Friday (Media Release), 2005 (cat no. 1301.0)
ABS 2005 Year Book: Request Your Embargo Copy Now (Media Release), 2005 (cat no. 1301.0)
Governor-General launches ABS Year Book Australia (Media Release), 2007 (cat no. 1301.0)
Growth in Australian tourism: ABS (Media Release), 2003-04 (cat no. 5249.0)
Highest December occupancy rate recorded (Media Release), Dec 1996 (cat no. 8635.0)
How much is tourism worth to Australia? All will be revealed tomorrow (Media Release), 1997-98 (cat no. 5249.0)
How much is tourism worth to Australia? Get the answer next Tuesday (Media Release), 1997-98 (cat no. 5249.0)
Ian Kiernan launches environment focused 2003 Year Book Australia (Media Release), 2003 (cat no. 1301.0)
Knowing Our Nation - live read radio scripts (Media Release), 2000 (cat no. 1301.0)
Landmark ABS figures show tourism 4.5 per cent of Australia's GDP (Media Release), 1997-98 (cat no. 5249.0)
MEDIA ALERT - Now compared to Then: 2001 YEAR BOOK AUSTRALIA is essential for your Centenary of Federation and Australia Day coverage (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
Occupancy up in Victoria, but numbers down in Western Australia and Queensland (Media Release), 2013-14 (cat no. 8635.0)
Paralympian launches Australian Year Book for 2000 (Media Release), 2000 (cat no. 1301.0)
Queensland Year Book 1997 released (Media Release), 1997 (cat no. 1301.3)
Reminder: Embargo copies of ABS 2005 Year Book still available on request (Media Release), 2005 (cat no. 1301.0)
Showcasing our country - 2004 Year Book Australia launched today (Media Release), 2004 (cat no. 1301.0)
South Australia's contribution to the nation examined - ABS (Media Release), 1999 (cat no. 1301.4)
Tourism continues to grow with record visitor numbers (Media Release), 2010-11 (cat no. 5249.0)
Tourism contributes less to Australia's GDP: ABS (Media Release), 2001-02 (cat no. 5249.0)
Tourism contributes $71.2 billion to Australia's economy (Media Release), 2000-01 (cat no. 5249.0)
Tourism grows faster than the total of the economy in 2011-12 (Media Release), 2011-12 (cat no. 5249.0)
What figures in tourism - new ABS directory of statistics (Media Release), 1997 (cat no. 1130.0)
Year Book 1998 is a statistical look at the Sunshine state (Media Release), 1998 (cat no. 1301.3)
Year Book 1999: Queensland as it is today (Media Release), 1999 (cat no. 1301.3)
Year Book Australia 1997 released (Media Release), 1997 (cat no. 1301.0)
Year Book Australia 1998 released today - 80th edition (Media Release), 1998 (cat no. 1301.0)
Year Book Australia 2007- media story-lines (Media Release), 2007 (cat no. 1301.0)
Year Book for release tomorrow - ABS (Media Release), 1999 (cat no. 1301.0)