Feature Articles by Catalogue Number

62. Labour force

6203.0Casual employment (Jul, 1999) (Feature Article), Jul 1999
6203.0Concordance between First and Second Editions of the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) - Revised (Jan, 1999) (Feature Article), Jan 1999
6203.0Duration of unemployment: recent definitional changes (Jun, 2001) (Feature Article), Jun 2001
6203.0Forthcoming Changes: Industry, Occupation and Status in Employment Data (Nov, 1999) (Feature Article), Nov 1999
6203.0Forthcoming changes: industry, occupation and status in employment data (original version) (Feature Article), May 2000
6203.0Full-time and part-time employment (Oct, 2001) (Feature Article), Oct 2001
6203.0Labour force projections: 1999-2016 (Oct, 1999) (Feature Article), Oct 1999
6203.0Measures of Labour Underutilisation - Tables (Feature Article), Oct 2002
6203.0Measures of Labour Underutilisation (Feature Article), Oct 2002
6203.0Revisions to monthly Labour Force Survey estimates (Feb, 1999) (Feature Article), Feb 1999
6203.0Seasonal Reanalysis of Monthly Labour Force Survey Estimates (Feb 2002) (Feature Article), Feb 2002
6203.0Seasonal Reanalysis of monthly Labour Force Survey Estimates (Feb, 2001) (Feature Article), Feb 2001
6203.0The youth labour market (Sep, 1998) (Feature Article), Sep 1998
6203.0Unemployment and Supplementary Measures of Underutilised Labour (Feb, 2001) (Feature Article), Feb 2001
6203.0Using the unemployment rate series to illustrate the seasonal adjustment process (Feature Article), Apr 2000
6203.0Why are there differences between two seasonally adjusted measures of Australian total employment? (Feature Article), Dec 1999
6238.0Article: Changing retirement intentions and behaviours – An age cohort analysis (Feature Article), July 2012 to June 2013
6239.0Article: Incentives to join or increase labour force participation (Feature Article), July 2012 to June 2013
6287.0Experimental Estimates: Labour force characteristics of Indigenous Australians (Feature Article), Dec 2000