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Internet and Computer Usage

A Directory of Education and Training Statistics, 2009 (cat no. 1136.0)
Arts and Culture: State and Territory Profiles, 2012 (cat no. 4920.0)
Australian Census Analytic Program: Australia Online: How Australians are Using Computers and the Internet, 2001 (cat no. 2056.0)
Australian Social Trends, 2014 (cat no. 4102.0)
Business Use of Information Technology, 2013-14 (cat no. 8129.0)
Census of Population and Housing: Outcomes from the 2011 Census Output Geography Discussion Paper, 2011 (cat no. 2911.0.55.003)
Children's Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities, Australia, Apr 2012 (cat no. 4901.0)
Discussion Paper: Measuring a Knowledge-based Economy and Society - An Australian Framework, Aug 2002 (cat no. 1375.0)
Discussion Paper: Consultation on topics emerging from submissions to the Information and Communication Technology Statistics Review, May 2015 (cat no. 8179.0.55.002)
Discussion Paper: Submission Process for the Information and Communications Technology Statistics Review, 2014-15 (cat no. 8179.0.55.001)
Education and Training Experience, 2009 (cat no. 6278.0)
General Social Survey: States and Territories, 2010 (cat no. 4159.0.55.003)
Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 2012-13 (cat no. 8146.0)
Innovation and Technology Update, Dec 2014 (cat no. 8101.0)
Internet Activity, Australia, June 2015 (cat no. 8153.0)
Labour Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2013 (cat no. 6102.0.55.001)
Measures of a Knowledge-based Economy and Society, Australia, 2003 (cat no. 1377.0)
Measures of Australia's Progress, 2013 (cat no. 1370.0)
Measures of Australia's Progress: At A Glance, 2008 (cat no. 1383.0.55.002)
Measures of Australia's Progress: Summary Indicators, 2009 (cat no. 1383.0.55.001)
Microdata: Business Longitudinal Database, Australia, 2006-07 to 2010-11 (cat no. 8168.0.55.001)
Microdata: Education and Training, Basic CURF, Australia, 2009 (cat no. 6278.0.55.002)
Microdata: Education and Training, Expanded CURF, Australia, 2009 (cat no. 6278.0.55.004)
Microdata: Education, Training and Information Technology, Basic CURF, Australia, 2001 (cat no. 6278.0.30.001)
Microdata: General Social Survey, Australia, 2014 (cat no. 4159.0.30.004)
Microdata: General Social Survey, CURF, Australia, 2010 (cat no. 4159.0.30.003)
Microdata: Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 2010-11 (cat no. 8146.0.55.002)
Microdata: Multipurpose Household Survey, Expanded CURF, Australia, 2008-09 (cat no. 4100.0.55.001)
Microdata: National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, Expanded CURF, 2008 (cat no. 4720.0.55.001)
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, 2008 (cat no. 4714.0)
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, Australia, 2002 (cat no. 4714.0.55.001)
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, Australia: Summary Booklet, 2008 (cat no. 4714.0.55.003)
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey: Users' Guide, 2008 (cat no. 4720.0)
National Regional Profile, 2009-13 (cat no. 1379.0.55.001)
NSW State and Regional Indicators, Dec 2010 (cat no. 1338.1)
Queensland Year Book (Hard cover), 2001 (cat no. 1301.3)
Selected Characteristics of Australian Business, 2013-14 (cat no. 8167.0)
Statistics Victoria, Jun 2011 (cat no. 1100.2)
Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Australian Business, 2013-14 (cat no. 8166.0)
Tasmania at a Glance, 2011 (cat no. 1305.6)
Technical Manual: Business Longitudinal Database, CURF, Australia, 2004-05 to 2009-10 (cat no. 8168.0.55.002)
Technical Manual: Education and Training, Basic and Expanded CURFs, Australia, 2009 (cat no. 6278.0.55.001)
Technical Manual: Multipurpose Household Survey, Expanded CURF, Australia, 2008-09 (cat no. 4100.0)
The Health and Welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Oct 2010 (cat no. 4704.0)
Use of Information Technology by Households in Queensland, 2004-05 (cat no. 8146.3)
Use of Information Technology on Farms, Australia, 1998-99 (cat no. 8134.0)
Use of Information Technology on Farms, Australia: Data Report, 1997-98 (cat no. 8150.0.40.001)
Use of the Internet by Householders, Australia, Nov 2000 (cat no. 8147.0)
Use of the Internet on Farms, Australia, 2007-08 (cat no. 8150.0)
User Manual: ABS Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL), Mar 2006 (cat no. 1406.0.55.002)
User Manual: Responsible Use of ABS CURFs, Sep 2009 (cat no. 1406.0.55.003)
Western Australia at a Glance, 2014 (cat no. 1306.5)

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