Microdata by Catalogue Number

42. Education

4228.0.30.001Microdata: Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, Australia, 2011-2012
4228.0.30.002Microdata: Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey, Expanded CURF, Australia, 2006
4228.0.55.003Technical Manual: Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey, Basic and Expanded CURF, Australia, 2006
4234.0.30.001Microdata: Work-Related Training and Adult Learning, 2016-17
4235.0.55.001Microdata: Qualifications and Work, 2015
4240.0.55.002National Early Childhood Education and Care Collection: Data Collection Guide, 2013
4240.0.55.003Microdata: Preschool Education, Australia, 2017
4260.0.55.001Microdata: Outcomes from Vocational Education and Training in Schools, Australia, 2006-2011