1218.0 - Standard Economic Sector Classifications of Australia (SESCA), 2002  
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Contents >> Appendixes >> Appendix 7: Concordances >> Concordance, 1998 SISCA to 1987 SISCA

Concordance, 1998 SISCA to 1987 SISCA

Interpretation of this concordance

Only two of the 1998 SISCA sectors can be derived exactly from the 1987 SISCA:

  • the 1998 households sector is equal to the 1987 households subsectors 4.1 and 4.2
  • the 1998 NPISH sector is equal to the 1987 subsector of the same name (4.3).

The 1998 financial corporations sector includes financial auxiliaries and CBAs which, in the 1987 classification, were included in the corporate trading enterprises and general government sectors respectively. For this reason, neither the 1998 financial corporations sector nor the 1998 general government sector can be mapped exactly from the 1987 classification, which did not identify CBAs separately.

The 1987 sector 5, non-resident enterprises in Australia, represents only part of the 1998 sector 6, ROW, which includes non-resident enterprises outside Australia that engage in transactions with Australian residents, or have financial claims with Australian residents. Of the 1998 SISCA subsectors, only subsector 2.1.1, RBA, has an equivalent in the 1987 SISCA.

1998 SISCA to 1987 SISCA
1998 SISCA
1987 SISCA
1Non-financial corporations1Corporate trading enterprises (excluding financial auxiliaries)
2Financial corporations• •
2.1Central Bank• •
2.1.1Reserve Bank of Australia2.2.1Reserve Bank
2.1.2Other central bank institutions• •
2.2Depository corporations• •
2.2.1Banks• •
2.2.2Other depository corporations• •
2.3Insurance corporations and pension funds• •
2.3.1Life insurance• •
2.3.2Pension funds• •
2.3.3Other insurance corporations• •
2.4Other financial institutions• •
2.4.1Central borrowing authorities3pGeneral government enterprises
2.4.2Financial intermediaries n.e.c.• •
2.4.3Financial auxiliaries
• •
3General government
3pGeneral government enterprises
4.2Private unincorporated trading enterprises
5Nonprofit institutions serving households4.3Nonprofit institutions serving households
6Rest of the world5Non-resident enterprises in Australia (a)

This is not a direct alignment. The ROW sector includes non-resident units located outside Australia as well as non-resident units located in Australia.

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