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1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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38900.21 Nail brushes for personal use
35323.30 Nail care preparations n.e.c.
35323.30 Nail lacquers
35323.30 Nail polishes
35323.30 Nail varnishes
42900.60 Nails, metal
42900.40 Nameplates (excluding electric), metal
27900.25 Narrow woven textile fabrics (including tape)
52900.40 National parks
82100.50.20 Native title legal services
16390.35 Natural abrasives n.e.c, crude or in irregular pieces
15330.00 Natural bitumen and asphalt
33410.10 Natural butane
16110.20 Natural calcium phosphates, ground
16110.10 Natural calcium phosphates, unground
34200.30 Natural carbon dioxide
16390.35 Natural corundum, crude or in irregular pieces
33420.10 Natural ethane
12010.20 Natural gas condensate
12020.10 Natural gas (in the gaseous state)
12020.20 Natural gas, liquefied
03200.90 Natural gums, n.e.c.
23990.45 Natural gums, outputs of Manufacturing Industries
96411.90 Natural history museum services
02900.10 Natural honey (including honeycomb)
38200.40 Natural pearls, unworked
33410.20 Natural propane (liquefied petroleum gas)
03200.10 Natural rubber in primary forms, plates, sheets or strip
04900.00 Natural sponges of animal origin
26190.00 Natural textile fibres prepared for spinning, n.e.c.
18000.20 Natural water, excluding ice
96422.00 Nature reserve services
67300.00 Navigational aid services
48200.50 Navigational instruments n.e.c.
01316.52 Nectarines, fresh
48100.35 Needles and syringes
16390.30 Nepheline syenite, ground
16390.30 Nepheline, ground
27300.00 Net products
54113.10 New house construction services
36100.40 New pneumatic rubber tyres for buses
36100.30 New pneumatic rubber tyres for motor cars
36100.30 New pneumatic rubber tyres for motor cycles
36100.40 New pneumatic rubber tyres for trucks
73220.10 New release video tape rental services
54114.10 New residential building construction services (excluding houses)
84420.00 News agency services to audiovisual media
84410.00 News agency services to newspapers
84410.00 News agency services to periodicals
32800.10 Newspapers printed but not published by the same unit
32800.20 Newspapers, journals and periodicals, other
32100.32 Newsprint
14220.20 Nickel concentrate
41500.80 Nickel drawn semi-finished products
41500.80 Nickel extruded semi-finished products
14220.10 Nickel ore
41400.40 Nickel primary recovery
41500.80 Nickel rolled semi-finished products
41400.50 Nickel secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41400.40 Nickel secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
28200.15 Nightdresses, woven
28200.36 Nightwear, outer, boys, n.e.c.
28200.51 Nightwear, outer, girls, n.e.c.
28200.36 Nightwear, outer, men, n.e.c.
28200.51 Nightwear, outer, women's, n.e.c.
41600.30 Niobium primary recovery
41600.40 Niobium secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41600.30 Niobium secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
34610.20 Nitric acid
34100.30.45 Nitrile- function compounds
34610.30 Nitrites
34200.50 Nitrogen
34100.30.30 Nitrogen-function compounds other than pharmaceutical products
34610.40 Nitrogenous fertilisers
34200.50 Nitrous oxide
26140.00 Noils of fine animal hair
26140.00 Noils of wool
24490.90 Non-alcoholic beverages n.e.c.
41280.20 Non-alloy steel flat-rolled products
41280.30 Non-alloy steel flat rolled products clad, plated or coated
93339.00 Non-direct social/community services, other
44500.20 Non-domestic cooking machinery for food or drinks
44500.20 Non-domestic heating machinery for food or drinks
44800.44 Non-electric hot water or low pressure steam central heating boilers
43400.20 Non-electric industrial and laboratory furnaces, ovens (other than bakery or biscuit) and incinerators
43400.20 Non-electric industrial and laboratory furnace, oven (other than bakery or biscuit) and incinerator parts
43400.20 Non-electric industrial and laboratory mechanical stokers, graters and ash dischargers
44800.48 Non-electric iron or steel radiators for central heating
46500.50 Non-electric lamps and lighting fittings n.e.c.
44800.52 Non-electric water heaters and hot water systems (excluding solar) and parts n.e.c.
41400.90 Non-ferrous metal alloys n.e.c.
42900.68 Non-ferrous metal castings
42900.68 Non-ferrous metal diecastings
42900.68 Non-ferrous metal forgings
14290.92 Non-ferrous metal ores and concentrates n.e.c.
43200.50 Non-ferrous metal steam, gas and water fittings other than domestic
43200.50 Non-ferrous metal taps, cocks and valves
41600.30 Non-ferrous metals n.e.c. primary recovery, other
41600.40 Non-ferrous metals n.e.c. secondary recovery from purchased scrap, other
41600.30 Non-ferrous metals n.e.c. secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap), other
51290.90 Non-financial intangible assets n.e.c.
94211.00 Non-hazardous waste collection services
94212.00 Non-hazardous waste disposal services
94212.00 Non-hazardous waste treatment services
71339.00 Non-life insurance services (excluding reinsurance services), other
71430.00 Non-life reinsurance services, other
89320.00 Non-metal waste and scrap recycling services, on a fee or contract basis
88180.00 Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing services
37900.90 Non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
39200.90 Non-metallic waste and scraps n.e.c.
14290.20.20 Non-metallurgical grade manganese ore (48% or less manganese content)
53122.20.20 Non-passenger transport buildings
49600.20 Non-powered aircraft, other
37500.20 Non-refractory cements excluding ready mixed
37500.20 Non-refractory mortars excluding ready mixed
72222.90 Non-residential buildings and associated land sales on a fee or contract basis, other
53129.90 Non-residential buildings n.e.c.
72212.90 Non-residential property management services on a fee or contract basis, other
66120.00 Non-scheduled air transport services of passengers
64229.00 Non-scheduled road transport services of passengers n.e.c.
62100.00 Non-specialized store retail trade services
37200.90 Non-structural ceramic articles n.e.c.
45200.20.20 Notebooks
32600.00 Notepads
38900.54 Novelty jokes
33700.00 Nuclear reactor fuel
33700.00 Nuclear reactor fuel elements
01500.90 Nursery produce, other
93191.80 Nursing services (without hospital admission)
21500.20 Nut butters, excluding peanut butter
21500.20 Nut pastes, excluding peanut butter
21500.20 Nut purees, excluding peanut butter
01500.10 Nut trees
42900.64 Nuts, metal
01360.90 Nuts, n.e.c., dried
01360.90 Nuts, n.e.c., fresh, whether or not shelled

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