Travel to and from Work and Place of Study, Brisbane and Moreton Statistical Divisions, Queensland

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    Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)


    The survey was at the request of the Queensland Department of Transport to collect information on travel to and from work and place of study.


    Information from the survey will be used by the Queensland Department of Transport for the coordination and implementation of transport policies for South East Queensland. Other users of the data will be the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland University of Technology.


    Persons aged 5 years or over who were usual residents of private dwellings in the private dwelling sample. Other Monthly Population Survey (MPS) scope and coverage rules apply.


    Conceptual framework

    Information will be collected from any responsible adult, in respect of all persons aged 5 years and over, in each selected household.

    The principal data items are:

    • Number of registered motor vehicles used by members of the household
    • which are usually garaged or parked at the dwelling
    • Type and location of employment (for multiple job holders, main and second job)
    • Number of days travelled to work
    • Main types of transport usually used to travel to and from work (main job)
    • Main types of transport usually used to travel to work (second job)
    • If telecommuting, the frequency of, and main reason for its use
    • Number of passengers taken to work, number of days per week and reasons for taking passengers
    • Number of days travelled to school/place of study
    • Location of school/place of study
    • Main types of transport usually used to travel to and from school/place of study.

    Main outputs

    Travel to work/place of study:

    • Persons aged 5 years and over by age group
    • Main mode of travel
    • Frequency of travel
    • Region of work/study

    Employed persons:
    • Occupation by main mode of travel for main job
    • Workplace location by whether telecommutes
    • Persons who telecommute, main reason for telecommuting by age group

    Drivers of cars to main job:
    • Number of passengers taken
    • Main reason for taking passengers from same household by sex
    • Main reason for taking passengers from other household by sex
    • Motor vehicles:
      • Household type by number of registered motor vehicles

    Standard MPS classifications

    Other concepts (summary)

    Employed persons - persons aged 15 years or over who had a job last week and have not been away from their job for 4 weeks or more;

    Place of study - includes primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and other educational institutions. Preschools and kindergartens were excluded;

    Students - persons aged 5 years or more who identify themselves as currently attending a school or other educational institution or undertaking any other course of study lasting 6 months or more.

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    Comments and/or Other Regions

    Brisbane and Moreton Stat Divs.

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    Ad hoc survey


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    Publication released 31/3/98. Catalogue number 9201.3.

    21/05/2002 10:37 AM