Census Of Population and Housing
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2001 Census
2001 Census Data by Location Name
2001 Census Data by Location Map
2001 Census Data by Profile

2001 Census Products
A range of census-related products including CDATA, SEIFA and Census Basics.

1996 Census
1996 Census Data by Location Name
1996 Census

Census Reference and Information
Census Reference and Information
Material designed to assist users get the most out of the census.

Census Contacts
client.services@abs.gov.au - for detailed census statistics or other ABS information (ph: 1300 135 070)

census.users@abs.gov.au - free email newsletter
2006 Census
2008.0 2006 Census of Population and Housing: Nature and Content

2011.0 Census of Population and Housing - Proposed Products and Services

2009.0 ABS Views on Census Output Strategy

2007.0 ABS Views on Content and Procedures

Census Data Enhancement

Census Fact Sheet - Changes planned for the 2006 Census